Project Portfolio Management

Duration : 2 days Technical : 3 Leadership : 3 Strategic : 8 PDU: 14
Course Overview

Portfolio Management provides the governance guidelines to align projects to business strategy and to select the projects with highest return to achieve the business vision.


Course Outline
  • Portfolio Management Overview
  • What is Portfolio Management
  • The standards of Portfolio Management
  • Link between Portfolio and Governance
  • Relationship between portfolio and Strategy
  • Relationship between Project, Program and Portfolio
  • Role of Portfolio Manager
  • Portfolio Management Reporting and Metrics
  • Portfolio Management Process
  • Strategy and Investment Overview
  • Portfolio Corporate Management Life Cycle
  • Portfolio Management Process Cycle
  • Establishing Portfolio Management Process
  • Portfolio Stakeholders Roles & responsibility
  • Portfolio Groups and alignment
Learning Outcomes
  • Provide the grounding to align project with business strategies
  • Select projects that provide the highest return on investment
  • Identify and analyse portfolio risk
  • Monitor business strategy changes
  • Get it right by identifying problems early
Target Audience
  • Management Executive
  • Portfolio Managers, Program Manager , Project Manager
  • Consultants and specialists in Projects
  • Functional managers