PMP® Exam Changes | July 2020

Earlier in June 2019, PMI announced that there will be a significant change in Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification exam. Project Management Institute (PMI) had decided to delay the PMP exam change to June 2020 because stakeholders need more time to prepare.

1st July 2020 onwards, the PMP exam will reflect the new exam content.

Enroll now in Project Management Professional (PMP)® Examination preparation class and take the exam before the new exam changes takes place.

Why does the PMP exam content outline changes?

To maintain the standards of PMP®, PMI conducts research every 3-5 years to understand how the profession has progressed, the emerging trends impact, the changes in project managers' responsibilities. The current PMP® exam content outline resulted from the research conducted in 2015.

CHECKOUT – PMP® Exam Content Crossover Map

The PMP® Exam Content Crossover Map from PMI is only a guideline to identify what possible content from the old course you may want to repurpose.

  1. Current PMP® Examination Content Outline

  2. July 2020 PMP® Examination Content Outline

  3. PMP® Examination Content Crossover Map

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PMI Chapter and R.E.P Update Center

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