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Stakeholder Management

Course Type: Non - Certification

Duration: 2 Days

Professional Development Unit (PDU): 14
Availability: In-House Training | Public Training

Course Overview

This course equips participants with the knowledge and skills to correctly identify and analyze stakeholders, evaluate and prioritize vested interests and manage relevant relationships.

Stakeholder Management in a business environment is of crucial importance to the success of the organization or of any projects that are being executed. Without a clear understanding of all the stakeholders involved and a comprehensive plan on how to engage them, most initiatives are doomed to fail.

This training module provides a good start for all those who may or may not be currently active in stakeholder management and engagement. This training demonstrates the critical knowledge and skills required in Stakeholder Management that is required to achieve maximum success. 

The training requires active participation from attendees. It has lectures, exercises and case studies with group discussions, role-plays and quizzes.

Course Outline

  • Definition of the Universe of Stakeholders

  • Identification and Categorisation of Stakeholders

  • The Role of Management in the Stakeholder Environment

  • Evaluation and Prioritisation of Interests

  • Determination of Relevance of Stakeholders

  • Stakeholder Participation and Engagement

  • Motivating your internal stakeholders

  • Understanding motivational and de-motivational factors

  • 7 Basic Negotiation Skills

  • Body Language – The Secret to Stakeholder Moods

  • Working with Stakeholder Identification Models and Technologies

Learning Outcome

  • Identify stakeholders relevant to an endeavor

  • Undertake stakeholder analysis

  • Formulating stakeholder communication strategies

  • Engage stakeholders, communicate and negotiate for optimal results

  • Stakeholder management facilitation techniques

  • Determine stakeholder power and influence on the basis of their relative levels of importance and influence

  • Forecast and determine meaningful levels of participation for key stakeholders

  • Motivating internal and external stakeholders

  • Motivational Theories

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Target Audience

This course is tailored for anyone who is involved in identifying, analyzing and engaging in stakeholders.

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