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Company Background

Company Background

Established in 2000, Project Management Academy (PMA), provides training to organizations focused on improving their project performance. Built and manned by multi-disciplined professionals with over 100 years of experience, PMA with its strategic partners provide a wide spectrum of end-to-end strategic & tactical services and solutions to fulfill various gaps in project management needs in various industries.

Project Management Academy (PMA) was initiated in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore to focus on the area of project management training. PMA, as a global Authorized Training Partner (ATP), strives to provide world standard content based on best practices for its training. PMA develops competencies based on the vast experiences in Project Management and on the guidelines set by Project Management Institute, Inc.

Project management is our core business and we provide services through these companies:


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PT Project Management Academy (Indonesia

Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


  • To be a respected and successful global provider of services in Project, Program and Portfolio Management.


  • To sustain growth by providing quality products and services.

  • To enhance clients' satisfaction.

  • To incorporate sustainability methods in our training modules.

Our Services

Our Services

Project Management Academy (PMA) helps its clients to achieve sustained results through a strategic approach that combines process, expertise, facilitation and knowledge transfer. All the services are built around the Project Management Institute (PMI) framework.

We focus on delivering training programs in the areas of projects as the implementation of organizational strategic plans. PMA is endorsed by Project Management Institute as a global Authorized Training Partner (ATP). Being one of the first in Malaysia, PMA has been registered with Project Management Institute since 2003. Our wide repertoire of programs prepares various levels of people in an organization for their involvement in initiating, planning and implementing projects. The courses are very interactive as we are one of the pioneers in using advanced simulation techniques to conduct training programs. The training programs are all focused on developing and improving the competencies in Project Management.

PMA has the capability to develop strategic Project Management competencies for organizations so they can positively respond to changing market demands by choosing those projects that have the biggest return on investment, allocating resources and assigning the project staff that can ensure optimal implementation and delivery.


Simulation-Based Training
In order to make our training extra effective, we use simulation techniques. These techniques allow our participants to apply what they learned in life like situations. By using specially designed simulation tools our training is very close to real-life situations

Project Management Institute (PMI) Authorized Training Partner (ATP)
We have been a Registered Education Provider (REP) for PMI for more than a decade and recently we have received our accreditation as an Authorized Training Partner (ATP). With PMI being the foremost project management association in the world we believe that we are a partner of the premier project management body. Being an international Authorized Training Partner automatically means that all of our training programs and materials are of the highest possible standard.

Post Training Coaching & Mentoring
Wherever appropriate, we can complement our training programs with coaching and mentoring afterward. This will increase the effectiveness of the programs and will give the participants the opportunity to continue learning.

We Follow International Standards and Best Practices
All of our programs are based on the best international standards and practices. We are partners of the premier certification bodies (PMI) and we diligently prepare our training materials based on the highest standards.

Our Trainers are Practitioners
An important aspect of the quality of our programs is facilitators and trainers. We are proud of the fact that all of our facilitators are practitioners in their field and have many years of experience in the area they teach and in various industries. Furthermore, all of our trainers are certified by the Malaysian Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) as certified trainers.

Simulation Based Training
Post Training C & M
International Standards
Trainers are Practitioners
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