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Our Services

Our courses are designed and delivered by practitioners who have a wide range of experience in various different industries.

Our training programs are HOLISTIC as we take into account the Technical Part (Science) of Project Management and the Humanistic Part (Art) of Project Management. 

Our Services

We teach, assist and guide you to be PMI®'s certified professional in your preferred certification provided by Project Management Institute (PMI).
Most of our training programs' certificate is registered with PMI which provides PDU.

All our training programs come with its own training participation certificate.

Business Meeting


Simulation-Based Training

Project Management Institute (PMI) - 

Authorized Training Partner

Post Training Coaching & Mentoring

We Follow International Standards and Best Practices

Our Trainers are Practitioners

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Interesting Blog

We are sure that our blog might contain the perfect topic that you are seeking for an answer. Do not miss to check on it, all our articles are from a wide range of contributors.

Project Management Academy Testimonials.

Word of Mouth

You don't have to take all our words on it, read what the others have to say on our testimonials.

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Wide range of courses related to Project Management for various industries. We do provide customized courses designed to cater to the preferred nature of business for in-house training. Ask us about it.

Are you looking for something else apart from Project Management Training & Courses? Hold on! We know someone who can do it better for you.

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