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Program / Project Management Office (PMO) for Success

Course Type: Non - Certification

Duration: 2 Days

Professional Development Unit (PDU): 14
Availability: In-House Training | Public Training

Course Overview

To have a Program Management Office / Project Management Office (PMO) is a trend today to achieve and manage Project Management effectiveness.

This training establishes requirements and guidelines to set and operate a PMO.

Course Outline

  • Introduction

  • Why do we need a Program Management Office or Project Management Office (PMO)?

  • Portfolios, Programs, and Projects

  • How do we translate the strategic direction into programs?

  • Program Management

  • Project Management

  • Defining success

  • Defining a Programme Management Office

  • Assess the current Organization Maturity Level

  • Roles and responsibilities of a Programme Management Office

  • Functions of a Programme Management Office

  • Implementation of a Programme Management Office

  • Maintenance of a Programme Management Office

Learning Outcome

  • Understand the benefits of a PMO

  • Establish requirements of a Programme Management Office

  • Understand the characteristics of a program build-up of multiple related projects

  • Learn how to staff a Programme Management Office

  • Understand Stakeholders Management and the PMO

  • Learn how to set up controls to manage a Programme Management Office

Target Audience

This course is tailored for strategy planners, directors, program managers, senior project management and senior staff involved in projects, project management office or program management office (PMO).

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